August 17th

Sadly today was the due date and now would be first birthday of my second little angel.  I don’t really have much from that pregnancy other than 4 weeks of watching a sac grow with nothing in it as it turned out to be a blighted ovum.  But to me, it was much more than that…it was a little boy or a little girl.  It was my baby that I was going to love and watch grow up.  It was a hope and a promise of a new life.

For those of us who have suffered miscarriages, we always seem to hold some sort of “dates” in our minds as this is really all we have to remember our little angels.   It’s a different kind of loss because there was no “person” to grieve but the dream of a little boy or girl and yet we still process it as a loss of a person.  Our little person.  I always find these dates to be the hardest and the days leading up to them full of dread and sorrow.  But for me I also feel it is important to remember those dates and honor our little ones in some way.

Thank you for letting me honor my little August 17th person<3


A fellow blogger at My Perfect Breakdown also did a post on “Honoring Our Dates” if you want to check her post out as well!


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