Damn Royals!

**WARNING- this is a very shallow post and generally just me being bitchy**

First Princess Kate taunted me with her big royal wedding as I was going through my engagement envy stage of life and now it’s the royal babies!  I think she’s doing it on purpose.  It’s like she knows exactly what I am struggling with at the moment and just wants to outshine me.  Isn’t being royal enough??

I am totally kidding…I know she isn’t doing it purposely but isn’t that how we all feel at times?  Like EVERYONE is just getting pregnant on purpose.  We know they aren’t but it still feels that way.  This is the part I truly hate about infertility…the ugly jealousy.   The jealousy of others having what you don’t, getting pregnant without all of the worry, feeling like you aren’t a part of the “mom club” and the list goes on and on.  And then there are the Duggars with their 19 children AND counting!  I mean seriously could they spread the fertility wealth just a little bit??!

Some of the things that I have found to be helpful when the jealousy monster shows up:

  • drink wine
  • find other friends who will support your jealous thoughts without judgement
  • watch mindless TV shows that have nothing to do with children or pregnancy
  • drink more wine
  • blog
  • go shopping

Thank you for letting me vent and not be judged.  NOT that I am not happy for the Royals but do they really need all of the fanfare…would she be getting this much publicity if she were struggling with infertility??   I think not. I did read that she is suffering from acute morning sickness, which is terrible so I will give her that much.


4 thoughts on “Damn Royals!

  1. Oh, I get this!! Count me in as one of the internet friends who will support your jealously without judgement, drink alcohol and maybe find some TV shows without babies or children to occupy me.
    Sorry you are having a rough day.

  2. Oh, between the Duggers and the royal baby we’re screwed. It will be endless baby speculation/talk. I think I’ll just put my blinders on.

  3. Oh, my gosh – I exchanged about 10 emails today with friends about this and commented that if she has 2 living babies before I have one I will lose my mind. Nothing wrong with a little “fun” jealousy.

    Not to mention that no one has ever looked so good pregnant. So unfair!

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