35 weeks and still going strong!

We are officially 35 weeks and so far everything looks good:)  I know I have been terrible with my updates and the only reason I can come up with is that I have really been enjoying everything but I do apologize if I left anyone hanging!

Once we hit about 20 or so weeks I really started to allow myself to just enjoy it and not worry SO much or at least just worry about things that most women worry about during pregnancy.  As the weeks went on from there, we started to make plans for the nursery and even started buying things for the baby.  I registered and started getting really excited about the shower which was a little over a week ago and it was fabulous!  My family did such a beautiful job and it was so great to celebrate with all of our family and friends.  We feel so blessed.

I guess I have also begun “nesting” as I have been busy getting everything ready, washed, organized, etc.  I have also put together several baby things which was a little more challenging…WHY must Graco put the tiniest pictures and the most vague description in their directions!!  So far the stuff is still standing and I have no idea how to fold it up but it’s up!  We have also taken a few baby prep classes…my theory is that the more I know the easier it will be or we have wasted some good money!

My maternity leave officially starts in 3 days:)))  I do have mixed emotions and will miss my 2nd graders but know they are in good hands and will be happy to start my new journey as a mom and put my teacher hat aside for a little while.  It’s been hectic though getting both work and home ready for my leave.  Basically I feel I am preparing for my baby and my other 21 children.

On a sad note…we had to put our 13 year old pug Otto to sleep a few weeks ago:((  He developed pneumonia and wasn’t responding to any of the medications so we had to make that awful decision but knew we didn’t want him to suffer anymore.  For those of you who have pets and no how much they are our babies, you know how much it hurts when we have to say goodbye.  He was my first “baby” and still feels so empty in our house without him but I know he is always in our hearts.

So that pretty much sums up the last 12 or so weeks.  As April approaches and I am starting to see things for Infertility Awareness week, I am reminded of not just my own struggle but the struggles of so many out there.  I am thinking of you all and say a prayer for you each night that you will find your way on this unfair journey to a place that makes you happy whether it’s with your own child, adoption, living childfree, etc.  I will never forget where we started and the dark places this road took us on and I am hopeful that we are on the brighter side of this journey,  I promise to update more in the coming weeks as we wait for our little girl to arrive:)

In loving memory of our first baby…Otto: