My Thoughts on Turning 40…

So in just a few hours I will be turning 40.  I have been filled with many different emotions over the last few days about turning 40…happiness, sadness, excitement, dread, hope, fear, fulfillment, longing, etc.  As I have been reflecting upon the last decade and taking stock of my life I have come to some realizations.  I am pretty confident about who I am and more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have been.  I am married to my best friend and we actually really like each other.  I am a stepmother to two great kids.  I am at a point in my teaching career where I am not questioned about every little thing and I think parents trust that I know what I am doing by now.  I am in good health aside from my infertility.  Not too shabby right?  So why is it that we always seem to focus on the one thing that isn’t right in our lives?

For most people, turning 40 really isn’t that big of a deal but for an infertile like myself it is HUGE.  Every statistic is broken down into under 35, over 35 and over 40…apparently after 40 you fall off of the fertility cliff.  Everything drastically gets reduced to single digit numbers and they use the term “advanced maternal age”.  How is it that everything in society says you are still young, life is just getting started, etc. BUT your reproductive system is OLD.  I bet if you asked my ovaries how old I was they would not have a clue.

Today my husband threw me a beautiful surprise 40th Birthday party.  I felt extremely lucky to have so many family members and friends who came out to celebrate.  It reminded me that while I may not have everything I want, I do have many more things than a lot of people have and I am grateful for all of those things.  No matter what happens I will always have my family and friends.  So while I am not going to lie, there is a small part of me that feels a little sad that I am not exactly where I hoped to be in the baby area, the rest of me says 40…BRING IT ON!

I decided to make a list of celebrity moms over 40 to remind me that there is still hope:

Nicole Kidman

Gwen Stefani

Nancy Grace

Drew Barrymore

Halle Berry…although I am not convinced she is human

Selma Hayek

Uma Thurman

Kelly Preston…pretty sure the scientologists were involved as she was 48!

Mariah Carey

Jane Seymour

Celine Dion